Controlling Air conditioner using Demand Enabled Response Device per AS/NZS 4755 and Iammeter

Here is a project I have been working on for a few months with my iammeters.

Its fully described here

But briefly we use an iammeter usng Modbus TCP to send solar power to Home assistant

And a shelly UNI temperature sensor on my hot water to measure water temperature

And a mains powered ewelink 4 channel relay

To control the amount of power consumed by an air conditioner which is compliant with AS/ANZS 4755 Demand response enabled device on my air conditioner.

I had to measure the power consumptionn in watts of the air conditioner with a Shelly PM 1. Eventually, I'd like to replace that with an Iammeter as its a more robust device


But when its all back together, no one will know.

Enjoy!. Please feel fee to comment on the post I have linked to.

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Thanks for your sharing.
This is the direct URL in the home assistant forum (It can be visited directly, without the login requirements of facebook. )

We are willing to provide the replacement of WEM3080 to be installed in the air conditioner.
Please contact us in our feedback system.

Thanks again.


Thanks very much! I can certainly use another iammeter for this project! 

I lost the original post before saving and forgot to include the Home assistant link on the second attempt. I've now updated the original post.

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