Meters not showing the correct consumption.

Meters showing correct voltage and amperes but not showing the correct correct watts.

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Please let me know ,how do you judge the power reading is not correct

Thanks for your reply.

If you multiply volts of phase A of (MTR ROOM 79) with the Amps on the same phase, 234.5Volts X 11.31Amps =2652.195Watts, Where as in the attached pic it shows 1327Watts.

This is how i am reaching the conclusion that the data shown for Phase A is not correct.


Ather Mahmood.

Lahore, Pakistan.


The power display here is the active power

active power = U*I* power factor.

Please search the power factor definition  

Attached is the PF data for that day.

Can you please let me know how can I correct or disable pf readings 

power factor = active power/U*I 

Power factor is an expression of energy efficiency. It is usually expressed as a percentage—and the lower the percentage, the less efficient power usage is.

This is the power factor explanation,

The power factor is just a measurement result, and can not be disabled, please try to understand what is the power factor before your continue question.

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