https / ssl certificates on WEM3080/WEM3080T


Do the WEM3080/WEM3080T devices support https / ssl for browser and REST API access?

I am not comfortable sending my login credentials unencrypted over http.

A self-signed ssl certificate would be OK, but I would prefer to use my own certificate; either by generating/exporting a CSR/private key on the WEM3080 and then importing the certificate once it was signed by my Certificate Authority. Another option would be to import an externally created .pfx / .p12 certificate bundle file?

Can http requests be forcefully redirected to https automatically? Effectively disabling http access?



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Hi Pin:

Yes , both WEM3080 and WEM3080T can be set to upload data directly to your own server, by TLS or HTTPS.

please refer to

Sorry, it only supports self-signed certificates now(Do not support importing the certificates)

If you want to use the HTTPS, it only supports the port of 443 now.

so if you want to post the data to ""

please select the run mode to "HTTP" and input this URL in the HTTP address ""  (no https: in front)

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