Hello how can i clear the data collected by a meter for it to start counting afresh ,for example i use the meter on one site today then tomorrow i use it on another site how will i format the meter to start counting afresh from 0.

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The kWh reading can only be reset by the modbus/RTU command like this 


The command can only be sent by RS485 interface.

here is how i have connected it but cannot connect to the system

attached are the images

https://we.tl/t-63hcD2OXbG here is the link to the photos

here is how i have connected it but cannot connect to the systemattached are the images

I can not see the pic by your link.

You can paste the pic directly here in this forum

By the way ,most of the serial software is easy to use ,just select the correct baud rate(9600) and choose send the command in "hex mode"

https://we.tl/t-63hcD2OXbG here is the link to the photos

The picture upload functions are not working i have tried to upload no sucess.

I always paste it (ctrl+V)directly here and it is always successful.

The below pic is pasted here directly 

The below is uploaded here by the above button in rectangle and it is also successful.

However, I think you can solve this problem easily.
If you think the serial software you used is difficult, just select another software.
There are a lot of serial software on the internet.

Hello i have tried many softwares  but not successful,

Please make sure that the serial port is correct and can be opened by the software.

This has nothing to do with the RS485 client(energy meter), even if you do not connect the energy meter,you can also open the serial port if you have plug the RS485/USD into the laptop. But now ,it prompts port closed.

I guess you have not installed the driver of the USB dongle  (USB-RS485) correctly

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