Residential system with 3 WEM3080T meters

Hello everybody,

My system is composed by 2 solar on-grid systems and home with electrical loads. All are 3-phase.
It is difficult to put WEM3080T in main fuse box (POWER CONNCT), so I installed 3 WEM3080T as shown on figure above:
- WEM3080T_1 on the output of inverter PV1 configured as Inverter
- WEM3080T_2 on the output of inverter PV2 configured as Inverter
- WEM3080T_3 on the input of home configured as Load.
At present my readings are always:
 Exported Energy = 0    and Direct self-use = Yield Energy

My question: is it possible to use such 3 meters placement to obtain correct readings, or I need to use 4 meters with additional one in main fuse box?
Thanks in advance.

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I do not think you need to buy another WEM3080T, please just change the installation position of the WEM3080T_3, and make it measure the grid in the main fuse box. If the space in the main fuse box is not enough, you may consider to introduced an enclosure that is installed aside.

After you have installed a meter on the grid side, the reading of exported and imported energy(kWh) would be available.

In fact, you do not need an extra meter to measure the load, because the load parameter would be calculated by this formula and displayed in the IAMMETER cloud.
When the load power > inverter output power
Load power = imported to grid power +inverter output power

Load kWh= imported kWh + inverter output kWh
Or (When the load power < inverter output power )
load power = inverter output power - exported to grid power
Load kWh = inverter output kWh- exported kWh.

There are some articles that describe the relationship of these parameters

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