Advanced Time of Use for electricity price in HomeAssistant .yaml

Hi there,

as the title says i need help setting up Advanced Time of Use in Home Assistant.  On this link there are only Tiered price .yaml and Set the Time .yaml

but i use Advanced Time of Use for my setup as in this screenshot

Can anybody please help me what to add to the Tiered price of use .yaml so my HomeAssistant server can calculate the cost as in the screenshot?

I need this option in Homeassistant because my family use it all the time, so i want to put the info there so everyone in my house know the estimate of the bill and to start saving some energy :).

BTW im using the MODBUS tcp for homeassistant.

Thanks in advance

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We only provide basic bill setting templates, and I have never done such a complicated homeassistant template.
It is recommended to go to the homeassistant forum to ask

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