Please report the problem you met when you upgrade the firmware that support modbus TCP

Support Modbus/TCP in the Wi-Fi energy meter of IAMMETER

Modbus TCP is common protocol that used in industrial system such as ICS, DCS, SCADA. After the latest firmware upgrading, the energy meter of IAMMETER had supported the modbus tcp protocol now.

If you met any problem after this firmware upgrading ,please post your problem here directly (please hide the SN)

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Debug version download file

SHA256: C29F611F4FB8EA8B4B447FB4FFF48852ABCEB0CCA1A65664A8CD311B3DF3C003

How to upgrade the firmware, please refer to

For the register of the Modbus TCP,  please refer to

please note:
Please use the browser of chrome in upgrading.
Please wait patiently in the upgrading process.
In the firmware before 2.75.70, if you do a new upgrading before the previous upgrading is complete(For example, you close the previous browser that the firmware is in upgrading and start a new upgrading from a new browser), the energy meter will be brick and not be able to recover.
This is a free upgrade, we would not be responsible for any problem if you bricked the energy meter in the upgrade.

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