Tariff rates start and end times not showing in App


I have latest app running on iPhone 11 max with iOS 15.xx

When I view the tariff table in the app. The start and end times do not show, yet the tariffs do above the table.

Please help

I am trying to upload a screenshot. of 250kb and jpeg, but does not show in message as attached!

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waiting for your pics for this problem.
We have never been reported such problems before, so we are also curious about what had happened in your app.

By the way, if possible, please change a network(such as from WIFI to 4g) and test whether this problem still appears.
If this problem disappears, it means the problem is caused by loading control in the app.

I am not sure why I cannot upload a jpeg file of 215mb. So I have saved to dropbox. If you can not access please give me your email address and I will share



Thanks for your feedback, I will forward this question to my RD colleague.

The pic from dropbox is OK.


we have planned to upgrade the IOS app recently(one or two weeks), and this problem will be solved in upgrading.
In fact, my colleague told me that the power tariff still can be set correctly in the current IOS version.
Although it looks blank, it indeed completes the configuration.(you can confirm your configuration in android app or web system). The problem is it can not display correctly after the configuration now.
we will solve this display problem in the next version upgrading(recently).

Hi, we have just upgraded the IOS app of IAMMETER, please upgrade to the latest version.

Hi,Any idea when this bug will be fixed?
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